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Glass Balustrade Quotation

We just need a few details about your balustrade to provide you with a quotation for the components you require. Please note this is just for the hardware to install your balustrade, the glass will have to be priced separately.

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Do you require a framed or frameless glass balustrade?


A framed balustrade connects glass with balustrade posts bolted down. There are three types of post : 1) end post 2) corner post 3) middle post


A frameless balustrade is held in place using a balustrade shoe connected to the ground that runs the full length of the balustrade

Framed Balustrade

What is the length and shape of your balustrade? Enter a number in each box to contiune. Enter 0 in the corners box if there are no corners

Length of your balustrade in meters

Corners in your balustrade?


The components you require...


Please Note : All prices here are quoted including VAT of 23%

  • 2 End Posts @ €50 each : €100

  • 2 Corner Posts @ €50 each : €100

  • 2 Middle Posts @ €50 each : €100

  • 10 Lenghts of Base Shoe @ €50 each : €100

Total : €400